Soul Destruction, There's No Profit...

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Artist: Soul Destruction
Title: There's No Profit In Truth
Cat No: UBR006CD

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Immense new album from the UK’s most hard-hitting, vibrant, engaging and relevant band! Mastered by none other than Tim Turan (At the Gates, Opeth, Marilyn Manson).

"The real deal…Audacious songwriting… Intelligent Alt-Metal"Kerrang!

"The range of Soul Destruction's music is huge, but it's all held together with a convincing delivery and the knowledge that this is a band that will always put their all into everything they do"

1. A New Religion
2. Spiral Of Violence
3. A Little Less of Someone Else?
4. This Disease
5. Internal Therapy
6. Modern Day Freakshow
7. Educate
8. Dysfunctional Reality
9. The Sorrow